Our Honeymoon!

Pictures of our Honeymoon in San Diego!  We did just about everything there is to do in San Diego. We had a lot of fun, but are glad to be back home. Everything was perfect and when we showed up to the resort they upgraded our room to the beach side room with a private beach. Very nice. Now it’s time to go on a diet all the good food left us a few pounds heavier.

3 Responses to “Our Honeymoon!”

  1. Tio Ray says:

    Nice hotel….I understand it’s HAUNTED!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jeff Keeme says:

    We are having a lot of fun. We did almost everything there is to do at Sea World today and tomorrow is whaling watching. Then on Tuesday we are going to spend the day in LA and Hollywood!

  3. PMurray says:

    It seems you two did everything possible on your honeymoon! Sea World looked like more fun than it used to be. Lots more to do than the last time we were there. That albino Walrus was pretty unbelievable. But then, so were the “Super Heroes”
    outside of the Chinese Theater. (like ugh to those!) Thanks for sharing.

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